Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I was quite surprised to see that 10 people had viewed my blog since I don't really write one!  However I have been thinking about Advent and the traditions attached to it.  I love to have an Advent Ring and also a candle I can burn each day.  However this is not always possible as we usually don't get home till mid December.  My first activity when I do get home is to set up the Advent Ring and persuade whoever is there to sit down with me and catch up with the readings and prayers we have missed.  Then I can find a marked candle to burn and have fun catching up with the days already gone - not ideal but a good time to remind myself that it is not the ritual that matters but the attitude of heart and mind to why we celebrate Advent and Christmas and thanksgiving to the Christchild who became our Saviour.  May He bless all who read this in this Advent Season

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Not really sure I want to blog and bare my soul for the world to see but set it up anyway.

Hello world!