Tuesday, 22 November 2011


This blog is close to becoming an annual event!  Now we are in Washington State, USA with family and about to celebrate Thanksgiving with them for the first time.  Last year I blogged about Advent and Christmas but here the focus is more on Thanksgiving and being grateful to God for the freedom we enjoy.   I've been reminded by friends here about "eucharisteo" - being thankful all the time for "little" blessings - sunlight through leafy trees, a windy day, the laughter of children, smiles from a friend, a hug, so many blessings and so much more enjoyable than complaining or nit picking and creating mountains out of molehills.  Recently several of our generation in the extended family have experienced life threatening illnesses and it has made me thankful for all the blessings we enjoy and friends and family we are privileged to share them with.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving and move on toward Advent and Christmas may we never cease to be thankful to the God who sent his Son for love of us.